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Issue 12 / March 22, 2013
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Hi everyone,

Getting our actors to all of our filming locations is basically impossible, as we sometimes add new actors after the location shoots are done, filming sexy or explicit scenes might be... well... "impractical" at some locations, or a location might be a virtually created one that doesn't exist at all in the real world.

In many of such cases, good old blue/green screen filming comes into play, which is nowadays common for nearly every movie that's produced. The computer can relatively easily exchange the blue/green background of the scene by transparency, and then the footage can be placed over footage of the desired location. It's not that straight-forward, but this gives you the basic idea. In the picture below, you can see a setup that we used for many of the dance club scenes, which is visible in one of the earlier images we published.

A blue/green screen is not always useful though. For example, for the integration of the live-action footage with a motorboat, which was discussed in the last newsletter, the driving motorboat is difficult to film in a studio setting. It's thus filmed in a similar location to the one required in the scene, and needs to be cut out manually because the computer cannot easily identify and remove the background. This technique is called rotoscoping, and because it is much more labor-intensive, hordes of rotoscoping monkeys (no disrespect) are often need to be unleashed for productions that use a lot of rotoscoping.


Behind the Scenes: getting ready to shoot a scene for the dance club. Save the World or Not® (Game Image).


Have a great weekend and until next time,


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