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Issue 14 / April 19, 2013
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Hi everyone,

Last week, I was pointing out that Save the World or Not® is grounded in reality as opposed to science fiction experiences and the like. This doesn't mean though that everything in the world is as you would expect it to be! In the end, are you sure you know everything about our world?

Over the next some newsletters, we're adding a small series of screenshots to give you a glimpse of one of the main challenges that you will face in the game. It will be fun! Well, it's not just some random challenge but it's actually about mankind's survival. And your role is central to how all of this will play out. Save the world or not. No pressure.


Alex asked you to come here to check out a strange phenomenon. This seems to be... interesting! Meet these girls in: Save the World or Not® (Game Image).


Have a great weekend and until next time,


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