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Issue 23 / October 4, 2013
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Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your compliments on the cool user interface! We'll probably make a little video about the user interface design process in a forthcoming newsletter. But for today, time to show you guys another nice aspect of the game.

When you start Save the World or Not®, the game first asks you to sign in and downloads any new game updates. During this time, the game visuals always differ thematically depending on where you are in the game. You can see a snapshot of an example background scene below. Obviously, this one will be present when you are within a storyline situation that is related to the previous newsletter's cave. This background scene is by the way right now tested within the current beta elements, and if you bought an Early Beta package, you've had the pleasure to already see it in full motion.

We didn't properly introduce the actress you see in the scene, but you've actually already seen her in the trailer, where she's trying to get into your pants together with another girl.

The funny thing about the scene below is that we actually just had to change it to only briefly show it and then pan to the side, because we observed that some testers were starting to delete some of the downloaded content on purpose, only to increase updating time and watch the scene for longer!

Here it is - a screenshot of the world's coolest (well, hottest) way to show an update progress:

Update progress picture

Oops, haha, no, that one is from another popular application. Here we go:



Have a great weekend and until next time,


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