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Issue 24 / October 18, 2013
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Hi everyone,

Let's talk a bit about your privacy. Playing an adult game is cool, but chances are that you want to play it alone. Especially if your computer is shared with kids and other family members, you likely want to keep the game hidden from other users on your computer. We thus introduce: Stealth Mode!

The game is generally designed in a way to not give away that this is an adult product or even a game. The icon image is kept abstract and any shortcuts and file names do not mention the game's full name but only refer to 'StWoN' (such that at least you know what it is about). Content files of the game, like pictures and videos, are encrypted on disk and cannot be viewed, in case someone who is a bit too curious might search through your computer's files.

If you additionally enable the new Stealth Mode in the game's options, no part of the game and its background updater will now show any content graphics or mention words like 'game', 'adult', 'Save the World or Not' or the like, until you have passed the game's sign-in page. If someone messes around with the game installation, even potential error messages of the game will in Stealth Mode now only refer to the game as the 'program' or 'application', and help links to our website will not be included in the error messages. The updater as well as the game itself will appear very much like some generic program:


Protecting your privacy for worry-free gaming: Stealth Mode (until successfully signed in) versus the same screen in Regular Game Mode. Save the World or Not® (Game Image).


Protecting your privacy is a main concern for us, and features like Stealth Mode will make sure that you can play our game without much concern.

Have a great weekend and until next time,


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