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Issue 26 / February 7, 2014
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Hi everyone,

This time, another slightly more "techy" newsletter on a great new feature: Live Updates! For those who are not really into tech, simply put, it dramatically cuts down the waiting time when updates for the game are to be applied.

With an online game like ours, there are often game updates for new features, new content, or bug fixes. Waiting for these updates to download and be installed can be a boring exercise. Many games and applications, just like ours, are thus already regularly checking for updates and downloading them in the background when you are not playing the game, such that everything is ready to go when you want to start the game (of course, this can be disabled if you want). However, if there is an update while you are playing, or you started a game before an update has finished, you have to wait again.

But of course we're making things a bit better (our engineers suffer from some sort of obsessive–compulsive perfectionism): We already let you into the game, and perform the update while you are playing the game!

For example, there might be an update for the options menu. The options tab button will now slowly pulsate instead of getting to full energy, and a tooltip will show the estimated time for the update procedure:

Options live update picture

Clicking on the options tab button at this stage will bring you to the update screen with the detailed update progress. And while the options (or anything else in the game) are being updated "live" while you are within the game, you can now still enjoy the other parts of the game. Live updating is cool, isn't it? Less waiting - more fun!

In some cases, a part of the game might be supposed to get an update while you are currently interacting with it. For example, the options menu is supposed to be updated, but you are right now doing things in this menu. In these cases, a countdown timer of about 10 minutes will appear and inform you that the game part you're currently in is about to be updated. This should provide you with enough time to finish what you are doing. If you are still in the part after the timer runs out, the game will move you to another area, i.e., in the options case, the option menus will automatically be closed.

Live update timer picture

There are still some instances when we have to restart the overall game, e.g., when some core components of the game are to be updated. In these cases, we will also show you a countdown timer... well, that type of timer is just like what you see in most other online games.

Have a great weekend and until next time,


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