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Issue 3 / October 19, 2012
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Hi everyone,

Halloween is around the corner! Which gives us opportunity to mention that as an online game, we will add now and then some things for our players that are related to real-world events, like some special moments for Halloween!

The picture below shows a little surprise that Ou will have in store for you if you will start up the game around Halloween. As you can see, while a sweet girl at heart, she also has a very adventurous side. She is certainly always first in line to try out new experiences, especially if it is somehow related to sex!

Some of the game's parts only open up with special items or after you gained specific achievements in the game. A few clothing items for Ou that you - if you already made a pre-order - got as an additional pre-order extra, are for example put to good use by Ou on Halloween:



Have a great Halloween and until next time,


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