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Issue 34 / February 9, 2015
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Hi everyone,

Don't you also catch yourself now and then wondering what a girl just said, because your eyes were too busy evaluating her cleavage? Well, fear not, we have now added a subtitle system that can help you keep track of the conversation!

Of course, you can also use the subtitles to learn very useful German phrases for your next party trip to Berlin, or to try them out on your tall blonde girlfriend from Munich. Just like the game menus, only English and German are supported for now, but we designed the system such that it's easy to add other languages. So don't be surprised if we add more in the future!


Subtitles are now available! This is especially useful because other visuals in the game might otherwise easily... distract you. And of course you can easily change them to English or switch them off. Save the World or Not® (Game Image).


Enjoy the textual help and until next time,


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