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Issue 35 / May 15, 2015
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Hi everyone,

We just finished a shoot for the tutorial for the first gameplay components and some other scenes! They all feature the Pussycat Sisters, and in this newsletter, we give you a first look at Kitty, the youngest one.

Kitty is a friend of Ou, who promised Kitty that you would be available to introduce Kitty to the world of sex. Ou never asked you if you would actually be willing to do it, but you might not be too angry with Ou about this. Kitty's tattoo is not clear enough to read in the shot below because it's a live-action screenshot from a game scene where Kitty is currently moving (dancing) - it reads: "Love is all I need"!

If Kitty doesn't look cute enough for you in this shot, wait until you see her in the next newsletter! There you see her cuter and... well, more dirty at the same time.


The Pussycat Sisters Part 1: If you are looking for the perfect blend of sexy and cute, our barely-legal Kitty might be the ultimate answer to your dreams! She is the youngest of the Pussycat Sisters and loves playing cat. Meet Kitty in: Save the World or Not® (Game Image).


Have a great weekend,


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