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Issue 4 / November 2, 2012
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Hi everyone,

I hope you were not affected by the hurricane some days ago, but if so, our sympathy goes out to you guys!

In today's newsletter, let's shift to Ou, who has already been featured in the pictures of the last newsletters. Judging by the amount of requests for more information on her, she's a really popular one! For those who already searched the internet for more about her, don't bother, as she's one of the non-professional actresses that you won't see anywhere else. In general, we try to maintain a good mix of well-known stars and yet unknown but very hot girls that you will see nowhere else but in our game!

Ou is a girl with a very sweet, caring, and reliable character. When it comes to anything related to sex though, she also shows a quite extrovert and provocative side. She is from Thailand and moved some months ago to your country as an au pair for your neighbor's family. The neighbor's family recently went on a long holiday and left her to take care of their home. Since Ou spotted you, however, Ou's attention seems to be fully focused on gaining your reproductive organ's affection. She found some way to sneak into your villa, and can usually be found somewhere there.



Have a great weekend and until next time,


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