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Issue 7 / December 14, 2012
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Hi everyone,

Apart from the work on the game, we are stepwise upgrading our website services as well. This time, we have something that's matching the season well: If you are still looking for a fun and sexy gift for some friends, it's now possible to purchase pre-order packages as gifts! We want to reward people who are nice to others, and if you are a generous guys who is giving gifts, we will add additionally 10% of the in-game credit value of the gift to your account (at least, if you already have an account with us). Gifting with benefits! If you buy a package as a gift, you will receive a gift code that you can send to anyone for redemption.

By the way, because we got quite a few requests on how to upgrade an account from a Budget Package, we have made it possible to use the gifting mechanism for topping up your own account as well. However, if you buy a gift package and redeem it for your own account, you will obviously not get the above mentioned 10% gifting reward.

If someone redeems a gift and already has an account, i.e., bought a package or redeemed another gift already before, then the redundant items will be substituted with their in-game credit value. For example, instead of getting the same extra clothing for Ou again, the redundant clothing set will be substituted by 160 in-game credits. We have added a detailed inventory listing and transaction history to your user page such that you can easily keep track of things.

As a little extra, we've made a funny Christmas Gifts Trailer featuring many things with Ou from previous newsletters. And you've got to love Ou's answer for what she likes most! Enjoy:



Have a great weekend and until next time,


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